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Weight Loss and Gain

There can be several reasons contributing to weight gain - aside from overeating, snacking and lack of exercise, emotional factors can also play their part and a careful assessment of a client's lifestyle is required by a Hypnotherapist hoping to help with this issue.

Most people agree that dieting on its own doesn't help - in fact it can actually make matters worse when someone is constantly worrying about their calorie intake.

Hypnosis is not about dieting - you should be able to eliminate that word from your vocabulary.  What it is about is educating the subconscious mind into only wanting to eat the foods that will help you to achieve  your goal.

If you have gotten into a habit of (for example) eating take-away food once or twice a week, eating biscuits, sweets or large dinners then your mind will be programmed into wanting to continue this habit.  Therefore you first need to change the way that you think about food (and the same goes for lack of exercise and other contributing factors).

At Instant Hypnosis we have taken different factors into consideration whilst selecting the recordings that are going to help you to lose or gain weight.

We have a huge range of mp3 recordings that can help you.  Here are just a few - if you can't find what you are looking for the contact us and we'll point you in the right direction.

Your Personal Weight Loss Program

Would you like to lose weight and be able to fit into all those wonderful clothes that used to make you look and feel so good?

You can say no to sweet or fatty foods without any feelings of being denied or going without - and you can have all the motivation and determination that you need to exercise regularly in order to tone your body as the weight begins to drop off.

With this unique hypnosis program you can even train your mind to exercise your body in your sleep - just imagine that - working out without even knowing about it - whist sleeping soundly and comfortably.

Anyone who has ever used slimming pills will tell you that they may have worked fine for a while, however once they stopped using the pills they piled on extra pounds which they then found impossible to lose, no matter how much they tried.

The same situation can happen with diets. If you're on a diet you are most probably thinking about food all the time, counting calories, making sure you read the labels and points, etc. etc.

So our advice is to forget diets and pills - and lose weight the natural and easy way - by reprogramming your mind to enjoy eating less and doing all that you need to achieve the figure that you've always dreamt of having.
Your Personal Weight Loss Program

This package is developed for professional Hypnotherapists for use with their weight loss clients - and people who would like to lose a few pounds (or stones/kilos) without having to pay for therapy sessions.
It is designed to be used over a 3 month period during which time an approximate weight loss of between 1 to 2 stone (6 - 12 kilos) is guaranteed (depending on the initial weight of the individual and effective use of this program).

We have found that gradual weight loss is far better for an individual than losing a lot of weight initially and then suffering from feelings of being deprived of their favourite foods and over-compensating later.
Our program teaches a healthy eating approach and offers motivation that is personally designed for each person.

We do not use standard recordings for each person as we need to find out more about the lifestyle of our customers.

People gain weight for many reasons - for some it is overeating - for others it may be lack of exercise, lack of motivation, alcohol misuse, self-image problems, comfort or boredom eating, gaining weight as a protective mechanism, - the list could continue because of the enormous amount of emotional factors involved.

Once we have received your order we will contact you to ascertain where and why your problem stems from.

The program assumes that no serious medical problem is contributing to the excess weight (e.g. over or under-active thyroid, diabetes).

This program contains:

     3 Powerful Hypnotic Weight Loss Recordings on CD or MP3.
     1 Self Hypnosis CD
     Book of Weight Loss Scripts, including Inductions, Deepeners, Visualizations and count up procedure - and   10 weight loss scripts
     Planning chart
     Exercise booklet
     Healthy eating guide
     Affirmations sheets containing 50 weight loss affirmations to cut out, carry with you or paste around the  home and/or office
     Motivational questionnaire
     Email support service
     Complete Guide to Self Hypnosis

This package is unique to and our sister sites  and  and is not available anywhere else in the world. Purchased separately the total package is worth 97.99 - but for an introductory period only - you can own it for only 59.99 + 2 shipping worldwide (a saving of 38).



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