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Fears and Phobias


Fears and phobias can take on thousands of different form and can seriously impede the quality of a sufferers daily life - for example, people suffering from agoraphobia may live the best part of their lives indoors, unable to face going outside, feeling alienated from friends and family, etc.


Phobias almost always have their roots from a past experience or memory and age regression can help to recall a memory that has been repressed.  Once the memory returns to conscious awareness then it can be seen in perspective and often the fear simply disappears.


Some phobias are 'learned responses' - a parent can pass their fear onto a sensitive child;  it may take transform into a totally different type of phobia but there is still that 'root cause' that is responsible for it.


People suffering from phobias often have wonderful imaginations.  They have already been negatively hypnotized in order to have this irrational fear overtake their lives, and the good news is that if they can be negatively hypnotized then they can also be positively hypnotized into losing their fear permanently.


Hypnosis is the ideal condition for people to overcome fears and phobias.  It is highly relaxing and enjoyable and whilst hypnotized a subject can reprogram their mind in a way that can delight and amaze them.


I received an email recently from a guy who had purchased our Fear of Dentists MP3 recording and he said how he wished he'd tried out hypnosis years ago - instead of having a mouthful of rotten teeth he would have been blessed with a lovely smile.  I'm pleased to say that all that has changed for him now and he has no fear of dentists or dental treatment at all.


 To view our extensive list of Fears and Phobias recordings please click here


Book of 70 Fears and Phobia Scripts 

Bumper Book of Fears and Phobia ScriptsProbably the only hypnosis book on Fears and Phobia's you'll ever need.  This e-Book contains a selection of 70 of Hypnotic World's most popular phobia scripts

Fears Include: Air Turbulence, Anaesthesia Awareness, Authority, Balloons (Globophobia), Bees and Wasps, Being Alone, Being Alone for Children, Birds, Blood, Bodily Functions, Buttons, Cats, Childbirth, Inserting Contact Lenses, Criticism, Crowds, (Enochlophobia), the Dark, Death, Dental Treatment, Dogs, Driving, Eating in Public, Escalators, Inserting Eye Drops, Failure, Fainting, Fear, Flying, Regular Flying, Flying 3, Frogs, Germs, Ghosts, Hospitals, falling over on snow and ice and skiing, Injections, Insects, Internal Examinations, Intimacy, Lifts (Elevators), Lizards, Long Flights, Loud Noises, Moths, Motorway Driving, MRI Scan, Needles, Old Age, Pregnancy, Rats and Mice, Rejection Falling Asleep whilst Driving, Snakes, Spiders, Success, Technology, Talking on the Telephone, Thunderstorms, Going to the Toilet in Public, Tornados for Children, Travel, travelling by Underground/Subway/Metro, Viral Contamination, Vomiting, Warmth (on skin), Water, Water (2), Fearless Flying, the Dentist for Children, Needles for Children

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Fears, phobias, dogs, flying, age regression, learned response

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