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There is little doubt that some people possess the ability to connect with a higher form of 'intelligence' - thus gaining knowledge about things they couldn't consciously know about.  Although hypnosis doesn't produce this gift, it can assist it greatly in those people who are sensitive to such influences , which is why many mediums, seers, clairvoyants, etc. enter into a trance to obtain the required state of mind.

I'm going to list a few examples that you might find interesting if you wish to learn more about what it is possible to achieve in trance, but firstly I've had a few very unusual experiences myself whilst conducting past life regression sessions that you might like to hear about.

One young lady came to see me with her friend who was interested in discovering who she might be in a past life.  Nothing unusually remarkable happened to the friend (although she did experience a 'past life memory'.  The young lady in question wasn't particularly interested in regression (she even admitted that she didn't really believe in it) but had agreed with her friend that she would also be hypnotized.

After a short while she fell into a very deep trance and began speaking in a very strong Welsh accent, describing events in detail.  She told me that she was a young girl who had never been known by anything but 'girl' and worked for a wealthy couple as their laundry maid.  Her voice was childlike and when she remembered the laundry room she started sniffing and smiling as she recalled the smell. She loved her job and was very attached to her employers, knowing very little else.

In reality she had no connections with Wales or laundries and reported that she felt in every way that she was experiencing the memory as though it were real.  The session left her very impressed and convinced that this had been an actual past life memory.

During a different session a middle aged man was describing his past life under hypnosis where he had lived in the times of the Gladiators.  Towards the end of the session I asked him to 'go to the light' - which was a spirit cleansing routine to remove any negative traces that he might be carrying forward.

He told me that he could not see the light so I said 'the light is there - just go to the light'.  He repeated that he could see no light - at which point a white light bulb flew off the wall and landed at his feet.  The light bulb had never done anything like that before in the 40 years that I'd lived in that house, the bulb was totally secure and his wife looked on in astonishment as I told him 'you couldn't go to the light so the light came to you'.

Now, this could have been coincidence I suppose, however he told me afterwards that as an adolescent he experienced poltergeist activity in the house where he grew up.  So, I for one will keep an open mind.

The following accounts were found in Hypnotism and the Supernormal by Simeon Edmunds.  It's quite an old book, hence the age of the examples, however I will just list a few of them. 


In March 1914 an old man named Lerasle went for a walk in Cours-les-Barres.  After two weeks he had not returned and there was no trace of him although a neckerchief belonging to the old man had been found.  A certain Dr Osty gave it to one of his subjects who was known to possess a gift of clairvoyance and without giving her any information about the neckerchief he hypnotized Madame Morel, who described the appearance of the old man, how he was dressed, his home and where his body was to be found. 

With this information a final search was arranged and his body recovered in exactly the same place and in the position that she had described.

Mlle Nydia

This girl became famous throughout Europe for her ability to sight read and play any piece of music whilst hypnotized and completely blindfolded. Her performances were witnessed by several doctors who verified the facts recorded in several journals of that era,   Two doctors who examined her under hypnosis stated that she was thoroughly insensible to the exterior world and a final experiment took place where a lady wrote a piece of music on a scrap of paper enclosed in a sealed envelope.  Mlle Nydia was again blindfolded, hypnotized and the envelope held to her forehead as she played with much beauty of expression, the Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven.

The Lapp Girl

This girl was hypnotized and and described a scene in her home which was several hundred miles away  She described her parent's actions and mentioned an article in a newspaper that her father was reading.

Shortly afterwards her parents telephoned the girl to enquire if she was alright.  Her apparition had appeared before them and they thought something might be wrong.

Hypnotism and the Supernormal

If you find these accounts interesting then the book is well worth reading (if you can still get hold of it).  It is crammed with other fascinating cases of hypnosis and the paranormal.

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