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Pain Relief

Long before ether and other anesthetics were discovered, a Scottish surgeon successfully used hypnosis on his patients before operating on them.  The result was that he reduced the mortality rate from 75% to 5%.  Unfortunately hypnosis was replaced with drugs which worked faster (although with far more possible serious side effects). 

The Mind and Body are closely connected and it is important that they communicate effectively in order to achieve maximum health. 

Controlled experimental studies have proved that people using hypnotherapy to help them to overcome illnesses recover more quickly than others using placebo or no additional traditional treatment.

Sometimes there is no physical reason why a person should be in pain - doctors will tell their patients there is nothing wrong but the patient continues to experience headaches, migraine, muscular cramp, menstrual pain, etc.

I'd like to share my personal experience with you if you're willing to read on.

For many years I suffered from debilitating migraine attacks which would keep me in a dark bedroom for as long as 3 days, without food - the tiniest sips of water were often thrown up shortly after daring to take a sip.

The migraines were so bad that my specialist recommended the strongest drug available (eventually) - at that time they cost £23 per tablet - or would have done if I had to pay privately for them.  I was allowed only 6 tablets a month but my migraines were far more frequent than that.

I had only just trained as a Hypnotherapist but didn't think at that time to work out for myself why these migraines were happening. 

One night I decided to use ideomotor techniques to communicate with my subconscious mind.  I guess I'm a good hypnotic subject because it seemed to work instantly. 

It turned out that I used a headache as an excuse to get out of some naughty behavior when I was 6 or 7.  It worked at the time - so I used that excuse again and guess what - (be careful what you wish for).

Once the cause of my migraine was discovered I was able to rationalize it in my own mind.  After that I experienced 2 minor migraine attacks within 3 years (both in situations that I wanted to avoid).  Since then (touch wood) - 4 years later I have been totally free from that awful nightmare.

On the right are just a few of our pain relief recordings, if you can't find what you're looking for then contact us and we'll point you in the right direction.

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